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Wednesday, 14th December, 2016 8:00 am

Information about Category Icons

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This article acts to provide information that will designate subject categories by visual reference in the form of icon images.  In addition, the Frank B. Nightingale website is sharing this reference with each of its associated pages–Facebook, Google+, and the LinkedIn Group.

Purpose of Categories

A category icon will be utilized in upcoming articles, so that they can provide visitors with a quick understanding and at a glance.  This understanding will relate to knowing which basic subject matter is being presented.  It also serves to provide for better organization when the article is archived.

Mr. Nightingale originally utilized three key principles in his business and each of these are a category type.  They are Education, Innovation, and Uncompromising Quality.  We have added one extra category that will serve to open up discussion primarily for the trade.

Category Icons

There are four general categories that have assigned icons, as shown below:

Education–These articles consist of topics related to the history of Mr. Nightingale, trade practices, the discipline of landscape lighting, standards or guidelines, techniques, applications, or anything else related to knowledge and learning.

Innovation–These articles are designated for new ideas and advances in this craft.  They could be related to design, installation or services (maintenance).  The goal with this category is to present something that is different or an idea that can be expanded upon.

Uncompromising Quality–These articles are associated with quality, whether it is related to products, services, or the practice itself.  The benchmark should be the highest of standards.  Mr. Nightingale always felt this should be an uncompromising detail.

Discussion Topic–These articles are designed to engage discussion and commentary, especially between tradespeople and lighting designers.  We wish to provide a more advanced level of discussion beyond that of the public.  However, there will be some topics that are considered basic and entry-level. Those with little experience can benefit here.

Mark Carlson is the owner of Avalon Lighting Design, which was established in 1999, and serves as landscape lighting designer, consultant, and writer.  He is co-founder of the Nightingale Foundation with Michael Gambino.




Author: Mark Carlson

Professional landscape lighting designer located in the Sacramento region of N. California. I am a consultant, specifier, technical writer, and activist to promote excellence in this specialized discipline. My company is award-winning and I have done projects throughout the state, N. America and internationally. My business, Avalon Lighting Design has been serving at this capacity for 18 years and it now resides in Orangevale, CA. I perform as an individual designer and contractor for most of my local projects and in a collaborative effort with Gambino Landscape Lighting. This intriguing relationship is one of a kind, as we fulfill to primary roles in this trade/art-form this is unmatched by any of our competition. We lead in the advancement of this craft by continuously raising the bar to standards and practices. I serve with Mike Gambino in the preservation of history for this unique trade--landscape lighting. We have made it our goal and mission to preserve the history of Frank B. Nightingale, the "father of garden lighting"--the man who started this discipline in 1933. Additionally, we republished his book called, Garden Lighting (1958) with an enhanced version called, "The Original Garden Lighting Book" (2013). It allows Mr. Nightingale's words to be redistributed and protected for many years, as well as us providing relevant commentary and updated photos.

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