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Monday, 26th December, 2016 6:34 pm

It’s Frank’s Birthday!

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A Special Birthday Wish

This day a 131-years ago, an incredible man was born.  His name was Francis Byron Nightingale and he was known to many as, Nighty.  He was a man of many talents because he was an adventurer, innovator, writer, magician, designer and visionary.  He began a trade practice that became both an art-form and a discipline.  It was called, Garden Lighting, which is now known as Landscape Lighting.

Frank B. Nightingale is the “father of garden lighting” and he shall always be remembered for the passion he brought to this form and process.  I see him as the initial spark to the fire and one that I hope continues to burn for generations to come.  He wrote the book….he paved the path for those of us who wish to ensure his legacy.  I, for one has accepted this quest and it is my hope that others will lead by Frank’s example.

A Birthday Wish

So, if Mr. Nightingale was alive today, what would he want for his birthday?  I believe his wish would be to have others follow in his footsteps and know that he made an impact on others.  It would be nothing more than to be remembered for his work and his joy of how garden lighting moved so many people.  I believe it’s the sense of excitement one has as they “experience” these settings for the first time–it’s magical.

Consider this, how many in today’s market take the time to make landscape lighting a true experience?  Did you know that Mr. Nightingale used to employ music during his presentations and that he would have everything orchestrated to come on and off at pre-set times?  It is fascinating to know that Frank would do this to provide amazement in these experiences.  He was initially trained as a professional magician, so it was his way of captivating his audience.

I am very respectful to what Mr. Nightingale has generously provided to the landscape lighting profession.  He provides hope and excitement for those passionate enough to pursue more within this craft.  I give thanks to Frank by honoring his principles in this work by helping to “educate” others, by developing new ideas through “innovation”, and by not compromising “quality” whether it is with materials or practices.

Happy Birthday Frank B. Nightingale, may your passion of experiencing landscape lighting live on.

Author: Mark Carlson

Professional landscape lighting designer located in the Sacramento region of N. California. I am a consultant, specifier, technical writer, and activist to promote excellence in this specialized discipline. My company is award-winning and I have done projects throughout the state, N. America and internationally. My business, Avalon Lighting Design has been serving at this capacity for 18 years and it now resides in Orangevale, CA. I perform as an individual designer and contractor for most of my local projects and in a collaborative effort with Gambino Landscape Lighting. This intriguing relationship is one of a kind, as we fulfill to primary roles in this trade/art-form this is unmatched by any of our competition. We lead in the advancement of this craft by continuously raising the bar to standards and practices. I serve with Mike Gambino in the preservation of history for this unique trade--landscape lighting. We have made it our goal and mission to preserve the history of Frank B. Nightingale, the "father of garden lighting"--the man who started this discipline in 1933. Additionally, we republished his book called, Garden Lighting (1958) with an enhanced version called, "The Original Garden Lighting Book" (2013). It allows Mr. Nightingale's words to be redistributed and protected for many years, as well as us providing relevant commentary and updated photos.

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