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Original Garden Lighting Book (2013)


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Garden Lighting is the Lost Gift of Frank B. Nightingale Over one-half of a century ago, Frank B. Nightingale wrote an incredible book called “Garden Lighting” It was the fi rst of its kind to openly discuss the nature and passions of this art form and business. Not only did he offer valuable insights to the techniques employed, but he took the time to discuss the beauty in lighting nature-he is known as the “Father of Garden Lighting” The purpose of this book is to ensure that his work is not forgotten and that it may inspire others to adopt his principles-Innovation, Education, and Uncompromising Quality. This reintroduction is a wonderful learning opportunity for generations to come. Mark A. Carlson and Michael A. Gambino exhibit many of the same passions for this discipline. Together, they desire to bring Mr. Nightingale’s history to life. Both are leading examples of success within the landscape lighting community. If it weren’t for the perseverance and dedication, then it is likely that this book would have been lost forever. These two authors offer insight to the relevance of these original practices versus those of today. Additionally, they have ensured that all lighting content remains exact to the original 1958 book

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